ITAINNOVA organizes webinar about Blockchain Technology online in Spain

Blockchain & IOT Lab of the Technological Institute of Aragon ITAINNOVA, in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza, have organized for the next 3 and 4 September 2020, the webinar „Blockchain Technology: current situation and future prospects in the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain „, which will be held online and which will analyze the legal, economic-financial and social impact of this technology. This is what they informed from their website ITAINNOVA, in an article published this first of September.

The webinar, is aimed at investors, professionals, blockchain community in the region and large companies that are currently working with this technology and those who are interested in the implementation of the blockchain. The ITAINNOVA article also detailed that, the event is sponsored by the Public Procurement Observatory and two institutional chairs of the University of Zaragoza, the Covers Chair of public procurement of innovation, and the Inycom Chair.

The opening and closing of this webinar will be in charge of Marta Gastón, Regional Minister of Economy, Planning and Employment of the Government of Aragon, and Maru Díaz, Regional Minister of Science, University and Knowledge Society, respectively.

Blockchain: Social and economic impact

This event will feature the participation of specialists to the height of, Montse Guardia, director general of Alastria (multinational association of Spain with over 500 partners, which implements the blockchain to promote the digital economy), who will lead the opening conference with the paper, „The situation of Blockchain in Spain.

The Autonomous Government of Aragon awards a public contract using Blockchain technology

David Escuín and David Ciprés, from the Tecnológico de Aragón, Irene Hernández (GATACA’s CEO) and Jimena Campusano, registrar of the property of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, are some of the specialists who will be leading the sections of the meeting, where they will also address topics such as: the tokenization of assets, digital identity, the promotion of blockchain in the financial sector: opportunities for innovation, blockchain and administrative action, taxation of operations with digital currencies, among other topics.

The Online meeting, will also have the participation of experts and professionals from private companies, public administration and ITAINNOVA, who will offer a wide vision of the current situation of the Blockchain, both in Aragon and Spain, and will also explain the social and economic impact that this technology can cause during the next years in the regions that adopt it in their services and solutions.


Also, the meeting has planned the development of two round tables, scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, September 3. The first one, to know the diagnosis and the perspectives of the companies that are currently working with the Immediate Edge technology in Aragón, which will count with the participation of Esther Borao, director of ITAINNOVA, Beatríz Royo, (ZLC), Miguel Ángel Barea (Inycom), Sergio Loras (Oesía), Antonio Maroto (DXC) and Jorge Bescós (Nova3interactiva). And the second one, where they focus some initiatives that aim to improve the society supporting themselves with the blockchain technology, where they will intervene, Carlos Millán, assistant to the Direction of ITAINNOVA, who will present the Blockchain & IOT Lab that is in ITAINNOVA, Daniel Labeaga who will give details of Blockchain Aragón and Antonio Lorente about Blockchain Zaragoza, as ITAINNOVA highlighted in its publication.

AMETIC will hold its annual meeting and the Blockchain in Latin America will be on the table of agreements

Under the title „Blockchain technology: current situation and future perspective“, the webinar has two specific objectives, the first one, to know the most avant-garde initiatives around this technology including those that are already being applied in Spain, and a second objective that tries to, put in value the „blockchain community“ established in Aragón, as mentioned in the article in the web.